Hydroma Inc. (previousely Petroma Inc.)is a Canadian company specializing in the research, development and exploitation of natural hydrogen, liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons. 

Hydroma Inc. holds a 100% interest in block 25, a block consolidated by the merger of two former blocks of oil and gas located in Mali, blocks 25 and 17. Block 25 covers an area of 43,174 km². 

Hydroma Inc. holds an operating license for gaseous hydrogen covering an area of 1264 km² within block 25. 

This is the  world’s first major discovery of natural hydrogen, where a first pilot unit was installed to generate power with this hydrogen from a producing well to electrify the village of Bourakébougou in Mali, without CO2 emissions.

The company is preparing to produce and export its natural hydrogen and is actively pursuing green hydrogen in various African countries.